Word Race

How about teaching Spanish words and phrases in a fun way. Many words and phrases from A1 to C2 level in Lingo Word Race. Students will repeat words and phrases while playing games.
In a fun way...

1 M+

Student use it is Fun

20 K+

Schools are using LWR Smartboard

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Schools are using LWR Mobile

Features 😎

Curriculum Compliant

It is compatible with the Spanish curriculum ve helps school lessons. 😉

Expert staff

It is prepared by specialist teachers in all questions in competitions. 🧐

Mobile App

With the Lingo word race mobile app, it is also in your pocket.

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Mobile App 😃
Lingo Word Race

Before starting the competition, choose your level, choose whether you want to solve word or phrase, then choose the number of answers and the time. You can then start the contest with the "PLAY" button.

In the game with time limit, if you get tired, you can stop the game with the "Pause" button, then you can continue from where you left off with the "Continue" button. Remember, you have a limited number of "Pause" rights. If you answer three wrong answers, the contest ends.

You can compete more and earn more points. The more points you get, the higher your rank on the Leaderboard. There are 3 different Leaderboards, "Daily", "Weekly" and "All time". Daily Leaderboard is renewed every day. Weekly Leaderboard is renewed every Monday. So, you have a new chance for every day and every week.


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